How come my twitter account is saying error unimplemented?

By malmy at 14 June, 2013, 7:51 am

I’ve had twitter for a couple of weeks now and I was getting use to it and everything but all of a sudden when I tried sending a tweet it said "Error posting message. There was a error posting you’re tweet. It had been saved as a draft. Please try resending later" (error uminplemented) and I was like WTF!! I don’t have a clue if its deleted my account, if someone’s hacked it or if it’s been suspended. Is there a way of recovering this problem and getting it bak to how it was?? Help! Please

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Ryan James June 14, 2013

Twitter’s servers are currently down, and will be repaired shortly.
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Rihanna Rowlands June 14, 2013

Same I thought it was only me, everyone’s twitter is down atm, it’s annoying right-.- no new tweets have showing up since half hour ago
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Shawn June 14, 2013

Just relax.
Twiter was down.
Twitter has a website which provides there own status
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