how could someone get famous off the internet?

By malmy at 19 March, 2010, 4:17 am

could someone use a webcam and make interesting videos ranting about people on youtube, make a twitter account, a myspace account and become famous from it? do you think so? or anything you could add to make more famous? also, how could you get more twitter followers FAST & free (nothing to download) please help, or at least tell me your input.

Funny YouTube videos.
Or really good singing on a YouTube video. Like professional stuff.
I’d go with the funny video and then getting views from first friends, then random people.

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mrgreengimp m March 19, 2010

You dont get famous from the internet you only get dumb
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J March 19, 2010

unfortunately yes.

big example…. the gay guy britney fan
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lexyy March 19, 2010

ya. soulja boy got famous from the dance crank dat on youtube.

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Yiesto! March 19, 2010

all those u mentioned will make u famous if you are over dramatic, funny, or very attractive. look at tila tequila.
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Baby GT Tina March 19, 2010

yup like that guy fred from youtube
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MJ_Lover_OX March 19, 2010

Post videos on Utube!
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Minimaggs30 March 19, 2010

Yeah, LeBron James and Tom Brady did it
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monikerr March 19, 2010

uhm well your videos just have to be funny and cool ya know.? and uhm tell everyonee to check out your video, and if they like it, they’ll tell their friends, then their friends tell their friends and it just spreads.! lol

and uhm you can put follow me on twitter buttons on your myspace…if ya want to.
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John March 19, 2010

well i guess you can make videos people find funny for some reason and maybe you’ll get famous and be on icarly and sell stupid shirts
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Kierstin March 19, 2010

youtube, myspace.
if you’ve got some talent or soemthgin you think people will watch. post it
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Always Sunny March 19, 2010

It’s happened before- Tila Tequila and that fa* Perez Hilton comes to mind.
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Sebastian March 19, 2010

Make a pornographic movie. It’ll work.
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Paris Hilton

Thomas March 19, 2010

There is no way of becoming famous Fast & Free. The only way that could happen is if your like harry potter and you stop an evil sorcerer.
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Common Sense

Derrick March 19, 2010 she did it. youtube myspace her own website etc..,
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jane s March 19, 2010

if you want to get famous off the internet, try creating a youtube account instead. Make good videos that people would like to watch.
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svuwannabe March 19, 2010

tell everyone you know on twitter to follow you
and ya i think stuff like that would make you famous. At least with all the people over twenty that still live with their parents and spend all day on the computor"looking for jobs"
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Maya K March 19, 2010

Funny YouTube videos.
Or really good singing on a YouTube video. Like professional stuff.
I’d go with the funny video and then getting views from first friends, then random people.
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sweetpie March 19, 2010

first create a youtube account and make interesting videos that you think that people want to watch and keep doing them even if they are 2 subscribers then tell them to follow you on twitter and check your myspace account etc. :)
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bri March 19, 2010

youtube. go straight to youtube and make videos and tell people about it to get really popular on youtube, but make sure it’s really interesting or else those people won’t tell anyone else about it.. also make a youtube video telling people to follow you on twitter, and maybe they will. =] good luck…?
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HelperPickerUpper March 19, 2010

My friend on youtube took about 2 minutes off of a spoof movie and got over 20000 views in about 2 months. The weird part is, he wasn’t even trying. He thought the part was really funny, Read the copyright rules on youtube, put it up for people to find, and BOOM just like that he had a lot of people on him. If he had a webcam pointed at his face I bet he could get 5000 people to listen. A good start.
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Nick March 19, 2010

well you must be intresting first……people will only want to see you if your videos are appealing to them….. but technically yes you could become famous. As much as i dislike him as a person Soulja Boy has made quite the reputation for himself using youtube and he is now famous making a lot of money!! Ranting about people on youtube doesnt sound appealing but you can go for it if you want…….. the only thing is to be famouus people have to like you or your videos…
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Erica Ewen March 19, 2010

The best you can get is Internet famous at least from that network you’re using. It’s rare to become famous off the Internet. But mostly it’s musicians or girls that dress very provocative (Tila Tequila).

Myspace is easy to become well known from. Just get a lot of friends and make a bold statement people can remember. Or be a model put up your photos, music, fashion line, etc.
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delfina272 March 19, 2010

Anyone can get famous off the internet as long as they are either good actors or entertaining.
Youtube is full of people who have gotten famous just from posting videos that people love to watch. They have their own merchandise and get sent stuff all the time.
You can either act and make a show with some of your friends, but you have to be good with special affects and scripts and all that kinda stuff.
You can just make up some funny stories
Or you can state your opinion on something and rant about it. But you have to be careful with that last one because lots of people might not agree with you, so you should probably do lighter subjects instead of something like why you hate the president (Not saying you do, that’s just an example)
And then lots of people have even gotten famous from just putting pictures of themselves on the internet. Of course, they make the pictures look REALLY cool, so you would have to be good with photoshop type stuff.
As for a fast way to get twitter followers, either ask ask ask ask ask! Post on different sites, send random people mail asking them to, stuff like that.
Or, well, become famous.

Oh, and another way is to be really good at something musical, making a vid, and then posting it on youtube (and then the youtube vid onto other sites)
So yeah, you can become famous over the internet really easy. But you still have to be kinda lucky, ’cause most people get famous ’cause people just randomly started stumbling onto their vids.
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MiMi_Lemoned March 19, 2010

The easiest way to become internet famous is to leech off someone more famous/popular than you . Date a famous person , parody a famous person ect. then you get morons by the boat load just waiting to let you be their new idol .
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Josh March 19, 2010

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