How do people get so many followers on twitter?

By malmy at 20 November, 2012, 8:42 am

I have a twitter account i just started today @KalinSawdo. But my old one only had 43 followers and i had it since march? Please help my new one get more followers !(:

follow, mention, reply, retweet…

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Dexter November 20, 2012

Hi Kaykay,

Here are some tips to get more followers on Twitter: (1) Tweet interesting and compelling messages! This will help you to create a conversation. (2) ReTweet messages. (3) Use hashtag (4) Follow people with the same interests and (5) Share your Twitter profile in other social media platforms.

Hope this helps!
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Tusher November 20, 2012

I see there are some site by which we can get some twitter follower . But those follower are not good and they even unfollow after few days.We need to get good or quality follower to reach our goals.If we want good result we must need to spend something. So I reccomend to look paid service for twitter follower that is not free.Here you can take a look to have fan

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x_xEQUISx_x November 20, 2012

follow, mention, reply, retweet…
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Social Media Elves November 20, 2012

To have a lot of twitter followers is not just a big deal.You must posting interesting things,following people with same interests,smiling in your photo,retweet interesting posts,reply to other people post etc.

1.Smile in your photo

2.Before you follow people on Twitter post something useful

3.Start following people with same interests as you

4.Retweet other peoples interesting tweets

5.Comment on others tweets

6.Be funny

Then you can enjoy your followers
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0 6 (2x2)=? November 20, 2012

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