How do people get so many twitter followers?

By malmy at 20 August, 2013, 2:00 am

These are just regular people, not celebrities. I don’t understand how these people have like 3000 twitter followers. I don’t even know 3000 people! How are these people getting so many twitter followers? I am new to twitter and would just like to know.

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Lou August 20, 2013

they spend way to much time on there. thats how
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Dniproyvtr August 20, 2013

They add people who they don’t know and then they add them back.
That’s basically how it works.

OR they can also be interesting, tweeting stuff that others like etc.
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toorhamza August 20, 2013

There are tips and trick to gain twitter followers. You can gain more followers by having more authority example by writing good description and changing backgrounds with a good avatar.

Some people do get twitter followers by exchanging follows. This is a simple technique but using this you get almost non-targeted followers. Search twitter follow exchange on google and find it.

Some people even buy twitter followers. These are all the ways to get more and more twitter followers but the first one is slow but the best.
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John August 20, 2013
Riya August 20, 2013

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