How to get your twitter account unsuspended?

By malmy at 18 November, 2012, 6:10 am

Help! My twitter account is suspended for aggressive following. I have sent a support message to twitter on my problem. But still they replie and my account i still suspended! Please help?

You can email Twitter to get your account back.

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Daniel November 18, 2012

Suspended Means your Account is Done and You Will Not Get it Back Especially Because you Were Breaking the Rules They Only Unsuspend Peoples Accounts if They made a Mistake Which Very Rarely Happens
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Hey what's up? November 18, 2012

You can email Twitter to get your account back.
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Yahzmin: bye mom love 4ever November 18, 2012

Read and follow the recommendations shown here on the twitter Help page about suspension. While there, read the rules so you don’t break them – again.
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timinou November 18, 2012

You could hack another account who already has thousands of followers on it.. Imagine having unlimited followers..

How to hack twitter passwords:
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